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Hi there!

My name is Tania Colamarino. I am the proud owner of Ama Photography and ( my food work). I love taking pictures making memories. Taking pictures is something we all can, and should, do.  In the age
of digital photography, we all have our phones at our finger tips where we can document our lives. I encourage you all to do that and every day!

My own story is that my husband and I could not afford a wedding photographer (ironic, eh?).  It was not even an option for us. Unfortunately, we only have one image from our day. Yes, I said, “ONE!” That one shot completely fuels me when I shoot weddings. It inspires me to capture all of the important details and preserve them for you. I want you to call me when you decide to be present in the moment…when you need someone to capture your love story. I want you to see the stolen moments. I want you to look back and feel the same joy as you did when you walked down the aisle.

I want to be the memory keeper of your Love Story….

xoxo~ Tania


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