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Books anyone- Story Time at the Wyomissing Library with Miss Corinne!

I had the privilege of joining story time with Miss Corinne of The Wyomissing Public Library. It was a magical time! The children read about Kangaroo’s, Joey’s & even had a craft to match.To start they all sang a song called “Bread and Butter”

“Bread and Butter”
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam
Let’s say Hello
As quietly as we can…

The day is filled with fun songs and catchy rhymes. “If You Want to Hear a Story…” was next ( sing along to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it)

If you want to hear a story,
Clap your hands!
If you want to hear a story,
stomp your feet
If you want to hear a story, if you want to hear a story,
If you want to hear a story,
shout HORRAY!


In between stories Miss Corrine had the little ones get their “wiggles” out by shaking them into the parachute. It was quite the fun time for them!


The song that ended story time goes a little something like this :

Touch your nose,
Touch your chin,
That’s the way this game begins.

Touch your eyes,
Touch your knees,
Now pretend your going to sneeze,

Touch your ears,
Touch your hair,
Touch your ruby red lips right there, (blow a kiss)
Touch your elbows where they bend,
Jump right up and say THE END!

Time for art! They all got to make a super cute Kangaroo pouch and all! See how they all loved them so much they even posed to show me their works of art! I’d even say they were bounce-tastic!


Some more views from our petite artist 🙂



The children loved playing on the computer all while learning about colors, shapes and as you can see here, animals!

Ava had so much fun picking out her book  and snuggling with Mr. Teddy Bear . In the middle of  it Ava ran up to me, hugged me and said ” Thank you for bringing me here!”

Finally, the little ones got to hear Miss Corinne read to them the amazing story of “Ramona & Beezus” They loved every minute! We can’t wait to come back. Thank you to the Wyomissing Library and Miss Corinne for being such gracious host and making us feel at home. Now is the time to visit and read. Get lost in adventure  and spend your summer dreaming big!


For more information on the Wyomissing Library and story times visit this link

Until next time <3



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