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From The Castle on the Hill to a Walk Down the Aisle

Meet Jermaine and Kristin. They are getting married in September 5, 2015, exactly 6 years to the day of their 1st date. They met in the halls of Reading High School, circa 1997 on the 2nd floor. They had lockers close by and that’s when they locked eyes :). I asked them during their session how they met, and  Jermaine will say that Kristin was a few years ahead of him and not-so-into him at the time,  Kristin will say that she thought he was completely adorable and liked him.  They went on to graduate from RHS, Kristin in 1997 and Jermaine in 1999. They attended  different colleges and years later met up.

While the years were different, locker looks didn’t change, she still found him adorable, and he still thought she was gorgeous! 6 years later, they have 2 beautiful children, Jermaine -called Maine Maine and Jayden.  Their love for each other is contagious and the sweet joy they shine with is worthy of sharing. I am so proud of these Red Knights! They have a beautiful family and continue to raise the professional bar by setting a good example for Reading High School students and its alumni.

Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding. I hope you enjoy these images for years to come, and in 20 years, we can go back to the halls at RHS and do a reunion…small of course, party of 2 ( and me)






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