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My favorite thing to photograph…

Many times I’ve been asked, ” What is your favorite thing to photograph?”

So let me tell you, what my favorite is!


Many of that know me, know that I have 3 beautiful children, all whom I love equally and differently for various reasons. One is Diva to the 10th power- girl through and through, and wise beyond her years…I compare her to my Weddings and Cover Story Sessions- Glamorous, Fabulous and Timeless beauty… My son is young and imaginative…Fresh with new ideas always thinking of what’s going to happen next, I compare him to my babies/kids and senior sessions Courageous Beginnings, New Journey’s, and What’s next in life…My littlest is a 3 year old princess, full of spunk and flavor…I compare her to my Edible and Event sessions, New, Invigorating and completely excitable!!!


So you see, I can’t pick a favorite nor would I ever, that would be like asking me to pick my favorite child.  As an artist, mother and lover of creating, picking one over the other would be a crime. It’s in me to continue to take my inspired energy and apply it to whatever I may be creating at the time. And why not, there is enough love & inspiration to go around right?


Hope you’ve enjoyed my reason for why I can never answer, “what is your favorite thing to photograph?”

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