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Why having better equipment makes you a better photographer, it’s totally what you think…

You maybe lusting after the latest and greatest piece of must have glass or the latest camera body to become a better photographer.

Would you be surprised to know that ,while investing in sound equipment is essential, the most important pieces of gear you own is not something you can buy.

What you say is that awesome piece of gear- it’s spelled Y O U. Yes, You!
You are the operating genius behind that equipment. You hold the key to creating amazing photos. You have the power to make  art ! Let that soak in… Have you marinated enough?

There are things that money cannot buy that will make you the best at what you do, and this my friends , is the best equipment.

1. A positive outlook
2. A teachable mind
3. The ability to take constructive criticism
4. A humble spirit
5. Supportive people
6. A  desire to grow artistically
7. Don’t make excuses

Those 7 pieces of your personal equipment will all show in your work. They will speak the volumes of growth that your image will reflect.

Whatever you’re shooting with, learn it inside out, don’t invest in another product until you’ve mastered what you already own. Take your time. Learn light, composition, exposure, aperture , apply your personal equipment both the material and internal and you’ll see your own growth.

Thanks for reading and if this helps you at all, share it with someone else that may benefit

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